WOD – Sabado February 23 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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WOD – Sabado February 23

WOD – Sabado February 23

WOD – Sabado February 23

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WOD Feb 22 2013

More Fresh Air


Mobility: hip-openers, hip-flexor partner drills, vertical jumps

Warm-up: run 1km/practice SC2Th

EMOM – 10 min.

1 Squat Clean to Thruster

Immediately after run 1 km

*Increasing weight, looking for a heavy single (or max) on the last rep. The athlete is allowed to increase weight at his or her discretion. However if weight is removed from the barbell due to a failed attempt it cannot be added on later. This should encourage the athlete to work up progressively and use his/her time wisely. If the athlete misses a rep he can try it again the next minute.


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