Services and Pricing


Adults Fundamentals Course $50

(1st Week Requirement for adults – Offered at 6:30pm, begins every Monday)

If you are an experienced CrossFit athlete and feel you can waive Fundamentals, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Visitors and Drop Ins

Out of town experienced CrossFit athletes can save and buy a 1 week pass at $75 instead of the day drop in fee.

*A sales tax (ITBMS) of 7% will be added to the below prices to arrive at the final total.

Prices with Contract

Adults (unlimited)$150.00
Adults (3 x week)$125.00
ESSENTIA – Adults (unlimited) + Sortis facilities*$125.00
ESSENTIA – Adults (3 x week) + Sortis facilities*$100.00
Teens (5 x week)$125.00
Teens (3 x week) – must choose fixed days of the week$100.00

*Sortis Essentia package has a separate cost of $75 + ITBMS. 

Prices without Contract 

Single Session (drop-in) $20.00
Adults (5-6 x week)$170.00
Adults (3 x week)$145.00
Teens (5 x week)$145.00
Teens (3 x week) – must choose fixed days of the week$125.00


Non-Essentia contracts are for 6 or 12 months; new members need only sign up for 3 month contracts. Essentia contracts are for 12 months.

Punch Cards

Adults Punch Card: 24 sesions, $360, expires in 3 months

Family Discount:

After two members of the same household, the whole family gets a 10% discount on the pre-tax subtotal of every family member’s whole month fee. Must be paid together.

Payment Policies

All fees, with or without contract, are due before the first session of the current program or pass.

To sign up for Fundamentals, call 507 – 396 2535or email [email protected].