Rules Updates: FOTB 2017 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Rules Updates: FOTB 2017

Rules Updates: FOTB 2017

Rules Updates: FOTB 2017

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Several rules have been updated for Sunday’s competition. Below is a brief summary of the changes; for more information, check out the complete rules.

  • “Shredder” – The bar must be re-racked after the 20 Back Squats have been completed; it may not be dropped or the final rep will constitute a no rep.
  • “Shredder” – A tiebreak time will be taken upon completing the twentieth rep (so faster is better at the same load). For those athletes who do not complete twenty reps, they will rank below all scores of 20 reps in the order of their total load lifted (weight multiplied by reps).
  • “Wishbone” – The bar must be controlled until it passes the hips in the Shoulder to Overhead; if the bar is dropped before then, it will constitute a no rep.
  • “Wishbone” – Any grip is permitted for the Strict Pullups. The feet may not pass behind the vertical plane of the pullup bar.
  • “Krang” – Lunges (front rack and overhead) – the trailing knee must make contact with the ground on each step, and the hips must open after each lunge step. The 25 foot distance will be divided in 5 foot increments: this is the minimum distance to travel. If the athlete does not complete any given entire 5 foot segment unbroken, he/she must return to the previous line and continue from there. Both feet must pass the line for the lunge to count. 
  • “Krang” – The Front Rack for the Lunges has a different standard than in the Open: each dumbbell must be held in the hand, and one head and one head only must be in contact with each shoulder; neither the handle nor both heads may make contact.
  • “Krang” – The dumbbell(s) must be controlled back to the floor during the DB Snatches and DB OH/FR Lunges; if they are dropped from above the hips, it will constitute a no rep.

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