Our Gym

CrossFit PTY

We built Reebok CrossFit PTY so that athletes of all levels and ages can improve their fitness in a challenging yet enjoyable environment.


  • Centrally located in Obarrio for easy access from anywhere in the city
  • Fully equipped with Rogue gear
  • Set up with both indoor and outdoor pullup rigs
  • Access to the Sortis Spa locker rooms and showers
  • Staffed with a knowledgeable and supportive crew

Need to contact a department in particular?

[email protected] – How to Get Started, What is CrossFit, Schedule, Our Rules, etc

[email protected] – Accounting, Suggestions, Testimonials

[email protected] – additional services, day to day inquiries y preguntas

[email protected] – personal training, small group classes, oly lifting classes, CrossFit Football, etc

[email protected] – Tienes una foto buena que quieres que publiquemos en el WOD? Send it here!

[email protected] – Email que le llega a todo el Crew

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