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“I’m not a CrossFitter…”

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“I’m not a CrossFitter...”

“I’m not a CrossFitter…”

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by: James Chandler                                      February 10, 2014

 Like probably most of us I had a past before CrossFit. That’s right, I said it! – I wasn’t born with words like AMRAP, WOD or EMOM as part of my DNA.  

Before CrossFit I played football for almost 13 years until I went to the sissier version of it, like my old football buddies call it, flag football. As part of those football teams I went to a couple of championships where we won some and lost others. These were all small leagues with no more than 6 to 8 teams, but of course that every time a team won, they had bragging rights to feel like Super Bowl champions until the next season started.

Even then, I didn’t feel exactly like a “football player”. I still did A LOT of other activities, none of which defined who I was as a person. I went running sometimes but never felt like a “runner”, I used to go to the pool but never felt like a “swimmer” and so on.

 So now you can see where this is going…

A lot of times I see people get caught up with the flashy and trendy side of this new sport. They go out with their “non-crossfitter” friends and go non-stop talking about how their workout went and why CrossFit is the best sport ever and why they shouldn’t been doing nothing else . How many reps they did, how they got a PR on their snatch, etc (I’ve been that guy…Sorry friends!). They update their Facebook status and upload hundreds of pictures to Instagram about how their CrossFit journey is going. I know that on this social media era we live in, if you don’t let EVERYONE know about what you are doing, it’s almost like you are not doing it at all. But it’s important that we look pass the high socks, hot shorts and flashy color shoes. There might be a whole other aspect of this great sport we are missing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think we all as coaches enjoy that enthusiasm and we are always excited about sharing our passion for the sport. There are things like that first “Fran” or that first muscle up that MUST be celebrated and shared with everyone (even with your non-CrossFitters friends), because it is a great accomplishment and you should feel very much proud of all the effort you put into it. But let’s not forget, this is a sport, the sport of Fitness. This is not something that you wear or something you need to talk about 24/7. You can enjoy other things too and most important, as one of those quotes you probably know by now says…Let’s apply our fitness.

Take CrossFit not as a final destination but rather as the beginning of new challenges in your life. Some that you may have thought were not even possible. Don’t be define just as a “CrossFitter” – If you have 3 months or 3 years doing CrossFit and you have tasted what fitness feels like, go out there and go crazy with it. Run, jump, swim, climb…do it ALL!!!!. Why? Because you do CrossFit and you can.      


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