Getting Started


What is CrossFit all about?

CrossFit is a fitness and lifestyle program based on functional movements. Functional movements mimic everyday action (pushing, pulling, climbing, squatting, picking things off the ground, etc.) The CrossFit program uses variations of functional movements executed at high intensity, but only after mechanics are perfect and consistent.

How is CrossFit different from other workouts?

CrossFit involves both high intensity and high proficiency with regards to movement execution. That is, many programs make you work out hard high, but they don’t teach you to move very well (e.g. boot camps, P90X, etc). Other programs teach you to move well, but they don’t necessarily demand that you work very hard. We have found that the greatest results come from the intersection of the two: if you can move very well and go really hard, you can achieve any physical change you choose.

Can I waive Fundamentals?

Only if you have done CrossFit consistently for 6 months or more. You will be expected to know all the exercises, terminology, and be quite proficient with the oly lifts, posture, and the mechanics of all the basic CrossFit movements. Our job is to make sure you have a very valuable and productive CrossFit experience. We want to change your life, but you cannot cut corners. You will be accountable for your own athlete responsibility, so if you think you might learn a few things in Fundamentals, then you need it.

Can I WOD more than once a day?

You can, the question is, should you? More than 5 WODs per week is reaching elite athlete status. First you must make sure you are eating like an athlete, resting like an athlete, and only then think about more workload. Also, if you are not giving it your all in one workout of the day, don’t think two half efforts can match 1 good one.

Can I do my own workouts?

We allow it sometimes, but it is not the norm: you must consult with a coach before proceeding on your own. You must be an experienced CrossFitter and have some need for specific workouts apart from those on the board; after all, coaches will scale the workouts up at the box if you need a greater challenge.

Are you a walk in box?

NO!! We take pride in our sport, and we protect our athletes. We require punctuality, and we require that everybody begins the class with the group warmup, before moving on to a lift, skill, etc, before moving on to the WOD, before finishing up with a cool-down and/or mobility work. As you can see, taking part in the class is quite involved and inclusive – just walking in and doing a WOD won’t get you the same results. We have basic “late WODs” that you can do off to a side if you are short on time.

I am from out of town, do you allow walk-ins?

If you are an experienced and addicted CrossFitter like we are, who always WODs when traveling and gets to know as many boxes as possible, then we’d love to have you! The drop-in rate is $20.00 for any of the adult scheduled times of the day ($10 for guests of the hotel). If you are here for longer, you might want to buy a week pass. You must be experienced with the exercises and terminology. If not, then we would require you to attend Fundamentals.

If you are traveling to Panama but do not have experience yet with CrossFit, we hope you have time to attend our Fundamentals week. We’ve had many people from other countries take our course and love it, and then go back home and find a box nearby.

Who is this program for?

CrossFit is for everyone: functional movements are organic, multi-jointed and natural to human beings, so not only can everyone do them, everyone should do them. Learning functional movement techniques will help you move better and achieve proficiency in the execution of your daily tasks. Continuous training of the CrossFit program will see you achieve the ability to move greater loads over longer distances over shorter periods of time. In essence, expect to be faster, stronger, more efficient, and more flexible, all while feeling and looking better than ever.

How do I start?

Every Monday you can begin a Fundamentals Course at 6:30pm. In 5 days you will be taught what CrossFit is, the basic exercises, the main types of workouts and programming, the nutrition, etc. We will make sure you know how to move before proceeding to the open classes. You will learn alongside others that are doing CrossFit for their first time as well. As the week progresses you will learn how to become consistent in your mechanics and you will get to know our community and support network. When you graduate Fundamentals and join the regular classes, you will have a very good grasp on what you are good at, what you need to work on, and how much intensity you should and could go for.

What times of the day can I attend?

During Fundamentals week you must attend only the Fundamentals hour in the schedule.

When you have completed Fundamentals, you can go at whatever time of day you see an Adults class on the Schedule. You can mix and match as you wish depending on your schedule.

What times of the day can I attend?

During Fundamentals week you must attend only the Fundamentals hour in the schedule.

When you have completed Fundamentals, you can go at whatever time of day you see an Adults class on the Schedule. You can mix and match as you wish depending on your schedule.

Are you Open Saturdays?

Yes, for the time being we are Open from 9am-12pm. We say we have class at 9am, 10am, and 11am, although we take Saturdays more like a walk-in day. But the last person in should be at 11 because doors close at 12 for the end of week deep cleaning. Classes on Saturdays are usually more informal, with less instructors than usual, and the workouts many times are longer than usual during the week.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have access to the locker rooms and showers in the Sortis Spa.

Do you offer diet plans?

Better yet, we teach you how to eat. We teach you how to eat out, what to buy at the store, what to eat at different times of the day according to your workout times and individual schedule and preferences. Most of what is out there is misinformation: we consider ourselves part of the solution and we want to help you become part of the solution too.