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Co-ed Competition WODs!!

Co-ed Competition WODs!!

Co-ed Competition WODs!!

Here they are – the Co-ed Competition WODs! Two have been released so far, with more on the way…

EVENT 1: “The Fast and the Furious”

For time:

400m Partner Run

30 Partner Wall Balls (10lbs. to the 9” line or above)

30 Over Your Partner Burpees (elbow plank hold)

100m Partner Carry

20 Partner Wall Balls

20 Over Your Partner Burpees

100m Partner Carry

10 Partner Wall Balls

10 Over Your Partner Burpees

Time Cap: 12 min

  1. Partners will run 400m together holding on to a length of rope. Route TBA.
  2. Partner Wall Balls: athletes must switch off behind each other as practiced in class. The 10lb. ball must hit the 9ft. line or above. If an athlete receives a no-rep, he or she must successfully complete a rep before the other partner can continue.
  3. Over Your Partner Burpees: one athlete holds an elbow plank while the other performs the burpees. You may switch roles as you wish but you may not do more than 10 burpee repetitions in a row. You may do less, but not more than 10. In the plank hold, there should be no contact of any part of the body with the floor except the forearms, hands, and feet. The jump-over portion of the burpee must be with BOTH feet. If your partner loses the plank hold during the movement the repetition will not count.
  4. Partner Carry: you must mount/dismount your partner always INSIDE the box. You may partition this as you wish but there is a 50m minimum work requirement of the 200m total.
  5. If the team gets capped during a carry, they will get credit for 1 rep if they pass the 50m mark (red awning).
  6. Score for this WOD is completion time. If the team gets time capped, there will be a one second penalty for every rep not completed.

EVENT 2 – “Junk in the Trunk”

3 min. to each find a 1RM Back Squat

1 min. transition

AMRAP 5 min.

1000m Row

Box Jump-Overs for Max Reps (24”/20”)

  1. The team will share a rack. At each rack station they will find J-cups, an empty 45lb. barbell, and a stack of plates.
  2. Once you set the J-cups, they may not be moved.
  3. Women MUST reach their Back Squat max first then men may proceed to add weight.
  4. Back Squat score is the sum of the highest successfully lifted weight each of the man and the woman.
  5. On the Box Jump-Overs, athletes must JUMP with both feet at the same time. You may jump completely over the box or on top. You may land in any style.
  6. The 1000m row MUST be completed for the BJOs to count.
  7. During the AMRAP, one partner will begin rowing while the other partner accumulates Box Jump-Overs. One person can row all of the 1000m, or they partition the 1000 as they wish. Upon completing the 1000m, however, the partners must switch stations. The partner who moves to the Box must wait until the other partner has started rowing before beginning the Box Jump-Overs. The partner who rows is now rowing *for calories.*
  8. This Event is composed of two scores. One for total weight achieved in pounds for each teammate, the other for the amount of BJOs plus calories.

EVENT 3 – “Partner Diane”


Partner Deadlifts (225: 105/75 with 45lb. bar)

HSPUs with HS Hold

TIME CAP: 10 min.


  1. Partner Deadlifts: movement standards for a regular DL apply (full extension of knees, hips at the top, shoulders behind bar). Males will be on the 105lb. side of the barbell, females on the 75lb. side. Any grip or stance needed to adjust will be allowed.
  2. HSPUs can be kipping or strict.
  3. HS Hold: feet are the only point of contact allowed with the wall.
  4. HSPU/HS Hold: there is no minimum work requirement. You may divide this as you please. Your partner MUST be in HS Hold while you perform the HSPUs. If he or she lose contact with the wall, the rep(s) will not count.

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