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[Updated v2] Co-ed Comp Athlete List

[Updated v2] Co-ed Comp Athlete List

[Updated v2] Co-ed Comp Athlete List

Here’s the updated list of athletes and teams who will be competing in the Co-ed Competition on Oct. 17th.

Team # Female Male Couplet Name
01 Lulu Oscar #TeamAjooo67
02 Simi Wilford #100doubleunders
03 Chiqui Abraham #Loschacalitos
04 MariChiquita Arturo #Arturitoycitripio
05 Ilene Joey #Agedtoperfection
06 Lady Wilton #bonsai
07 Ariana Rafa S.
08 Ja-na Javi
09 David Nicole #youprobablymustbehazing
10 Adriana Rafa F. #Thesailorandthedragon
11 Aurita Jeomar #birraypinta
12 Alma Jesús
13 Gaby Alfredo #LosLesionados
14 Jessica Enrique #QuiqueyJeka
15 Sara Rodolfo #TeamLou
16 Paola Tito
17 Pao Keam #Relajo
18 Stefi Panay #LaVid
19 MariVi Hector #OldSchool
20 Sandy Sergio
21 Gaby S. Jonathan
22 Miguel Henderlins

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