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19 Sep 2013

Blog – Thursday September 19

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Active Recovery, Part 3: Heat Up First
by: Ani Whizz

Mobility drills are awesome for active recovery days, however they can be a little rough or painful (and possibly injurious) if we start them cold and wound up from the previous day’s slaughter. J From my experience with myself and with clients, I have found that the drills are much more effective if you take some time to heat up first. Warming up (gently!) increases your circulation and body temperature making it easier for those muscles and joints to go through the ranges of motion required.

Speaking of ranges of motion, it is always a good idea to start off with all those joint circles (DROMs) and then heat up.

Suggestions in the box: after your DROMS, row or bike at a soft pace, perform some sets of Hollow Rocks, sit for a few minutes relaxing in the bottom of a squat (third world style), whatever it takes that is gentle and will slowly warm you up. Then get a band and a ball and hit those mob drills!

Remember the posters in the back of the box! On the next part, I will write about how to choose/prioritize these drills.

30 Jul 2013

Blog – Tuesday July 30

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Active Recovery, Part 2. Template
By Ani Whizz

En el último post introduje el concepto de “Active Recovery.” En este quiero compartir con ustedes un esquema básico de lo que debe consistir un active recoveryday para que tengan un guía de lo que pueden hacer para ustedes mismos. Sus cuerpos y mentes los agradecerán! Este es esquema se basa en  CrossFitInvictus famosos por coachear a atletas elite (tipo Josh Bridges).

  1. Aerobic Restoration: hike, row, swim, bike… a 60-70% de esfuerzo. Debería ser un pace “chiliado” en que puedas mantener una conversación. Debe ser una actividad restaurativa para ti, no una actividad que te deje cansado… al contrario, una que te deje sintiéndote con energía.
  2. Mobility/Maintenance: realizar los mobilitydrills de Kelly Starrett u otros (para eso están los posters en la parte de atrás del box y todos los días algo nuevo en, realizar estiramientos (siempre después de calendar, nunca fríos). Irte a dar un masaje, hacer auto-masajes, etc. Atender tus lesiones o molestias con algún especialista. Hacer un chequeo de como se siente tu cuerpo, si hay algo inflamado o molestias y darle atención.
  3. Mental Restoration: ya sea meditar o reunirte con amigos, realiza una actividad non-training que te relaje!
16 Jul 2013

Blog – Tuesday July 16

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Active Recovery, Part 1. Intro
By Ani Whizz

We train super hard most of the week so when our “rest” days come along, they are very necessary and very welcome. However,keeping active every day is what keeps us young and supple, folks. The key to staying in prime shape is movement.Athletes and exercisers have to program their training/rest days according work, training goals, competition, the universe, etc. Most competitive coaches program for three days “on” (Mon, Tues, Wed), fourth day “off” (Thurs), two days “on” (Fri, Sat) and finally Sunday “off.” A lot of our clients prefer or have to go with five days on (Mon-Fri) and the weekends off. If this is your case, you should be aware that after training intensely for 3 days in a row, by Thursday it would be normal to be feeling quite tired…so don’t get down on yourself if you’re not crushing the WOD that day. Back to Recovery… so while it is super important to give your muscles a break so they can repair and grow, “rest” days should not be an excuse to lie around all day in bed or sit endless hours on a computer. One of your rest days, if not both should be used as an “active recovery” day. What I mean by this is to do/perform low-intensity, sub-maximal activities such as walking, rowing, swimming, mobility, stretching, core work that will facilitate lactate and metabolic waste removal by maintaining blood flow in muscles during recovery. In plain English, move! It doesn’t have to take long, just spend a few minutes mobilizing tight spots or just plain range of motion exercises. Your body will thank you for it and you will be in much better shape for reassuming training the next day. Nobody likes to wake up cold and tight and hit the box, so keep yourself supple! More on this topic in coming blogs!!!