Box Programming, Jan. 11 - 16 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
Sortis Hotel, Calle 56 y 57 Este, Obarrio |
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Box Programming, Jan. 11 – 16

Box Programming, Jan. 11 - 16

Box Programming, Jan. 11 – 16

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Monday, Jan. 11

A. Back Squat – 7 x 1

B. Conditioning


For time:

800 m Run

50 KB Swings, 53/35

40 Reverse Lunges, 53/35 (alt)

400 m Run

40 KB Swings

30 Reverse Lunges

200 m Run

30 KB Swings

20 Reverse Lunges

Tuesday, Jan. 12

A. Warmup

3 rds. of:

:30 Flexed Arm Hang (chin-up grip) – hold your chest in contact with the bar, squeezing shoulder blades, accumulating sets during the :30 trying to hold as long as possible.

:15 Transition

:30  Hollow  Hold – hold Hollow for 5 seconds, then roll in one direction to an Arch and hold for 5 seconds. Roll back the way you came and hold the Hollow for 5, then roll the other way and hold the Arch for 5. Continue this back and forth for the :45.

:15 Transition

1:30 Muscle Up Transition on boxes (practice)

:15 Transition

B. Bench Press: 3×5 @ +5# more than last time

C. Conditioning:

5 min. AMRAP

3 – 6 – 9…


DB Thrusters

*continue with multiples of 3 (12 – 15…)


Wednesday, Jan. 13

A. Barbell Cycling – 5 x 4 Power Clean and Jerk

Power Clean *and* Jerk four times. Light load, the idea is to practice cycling reps with efficient mechanics.

B. Conditioning 


2 person relay – 25 min. AMRAP of 400 m Runs

Partners alternate running 400 meters while the other partner rests.

Thursday, Jan. 14

A. C2B Pullup or Chinup Progression

7 sets of , 1 min. rest between sets

*Time your own rest from the last pullup. May be pullup or chinup grip. These should be relatively UB/fast, so if you are taking more than :30 or so, you should scale a bit more.

**Scaling – absolutely NO jumping variations allowed. Bands are acceptable (and kipping can be used), as are ring/body rows (with straight body and pulling chest to the rings/bar).

B. Conditioning 

25 T2B

25 Push Press, 95/65#

50 Double Unders

20 T2B

25 Push Press

40 DU

15 T2B

15 Push Press

30 DU

Friday, Jan. 15

Teams of 3, with one partner working at each station. May rotate when desired, but all must rotate at the same time. Complete between the three:

150 cal Row

150 Box Jumps

150 Wall Balls

Saturday, Jan. 16

Come in and make up a WOD from the week, or work on a skill!

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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