Box Programming for Nov. 24-29, 2014 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Box Programming for Nov. 24-29, 2014

Box Programming for Nov. 24-29, 2014

Box Programming for Nov. 24-29, 2014

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Partner WOD on Friday!!

Don’t let upcoming Holidays and end-of-the-year festivities wreck all your hard work and achievements. On behalf of the Crew, we have seen great improvements in all of you!! Time to focus, pack it in, log your results and aim towards lifetime fitness!!

Monday, Nov. 24

A. Four sets of:

3-5 Push Press

Rest 2-3 minutes

B. E.M.O.M.  15 minutes:

1st min. – 150m Row

2nd min. – 10 Handstand Push-Ups

3rd min. – 30 Double-Unders


Tuesday, Nov. 25

A. Five sets of:

3-5 Power Cleans

Rest 2 minutes

B. 21-15-9

Kettlebell Swings (70/53)




Wednesday, Nov. 26

A. Four sets of:

4-6 Halting Front Squats @ 31X1

Rest 2-3 minutes

B. Three sets of:

Against a 3-minute running clock, complete:

500m Row (scale accordingly!!)

Dumbbell Thrusters (40/25)

Rest 3 minutes between sets


Thursday, Nov. 27

For time:

5 Shoulder to Overhead (185/125) *heavy!! but scale accordingly!

10 Power Cleans (185/125) *heavy!! but scale accordingly!

15 Burpees Over the Barbell

600 Meter Run

15 Burpees Over the Barbell

10 Power Cleans

5 Shoulder to Overhead


Friday, Nov. 28

In teams of two, alternating each movement, complete ten rounds of:

10 Overhead Squat (115/75)

10 Toes2Bar

300 Meter Run

(Partner A performs 10 overhead; Partner B performs 10 T2B; Partner A runs 300 Meters; Partner B performs 10 overhead squats; etc….)


Saturday, Nov. 29

Come practice a skill or make up a missed WOD!!!

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