Box Programming for Nov. 17-22, 2014 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Box Programming for Nov. 17-22, 2014

Box Programming for Nov. 17-22, 2014

Box Programming for Nov. 17-22, 2014

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Partner/Team workouts Thursday and Friday!! Box will be closed on Saturday due to L1 CrossFit Seminar HOWEVER there is a weekend task you must complete and you must come in on Monday with your time. See below on Saturday.

Don’t let upcoming Holidays and end-of-the-year festivities wreck all your hard work and achievements. On behalf of the Crew, we have seen great improvements in all of you!! Time to focus, pack it in, log your results and aim towards lifetime fitness!!

Monday, Nov. 17

From CrossFit HQ: CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program. Meaningful statements about safety, efficacy and efficiency — the three most important and interdependent facets of any fitness program — can be supported only by measurable, observable, and repeatable facts, (i.e., data)LOG AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RESULTS!!

A. Take 20 minutes to build to a 2-RM Back Squat. Take note of best successful 2-RM.

B. One set of:

Strict Pull-Ups x Max Reps

Note number of reps achieved, and if a band was used for assistance, note color of band used for this test. You will re-test at the end of the 8 weeks with the same equipment.

C. For max reps:

Three minutes of Rowing (for max calories)

Rest 60 seconds

Three minutes of Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24”20”)

Rest 60 seconds

Three minutes of Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Note reps achieved for each of the three elements. For box jump-overs and wall ball shots, note height of the box and weight of the ball used for this test. You will re-test at the end of the 8 weeks with the same equipment.


Tuesday, Nov. 18

A. Three sets, not for time, of:

5-10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

6-10 Alternating Pistols

3-5 Kettlebell Windmills – each arm


B. Three rounds for time of:

50/30 Push-Ups

30 Double-Unders

400 Meter Run


Wednesday, Nov. 19

 A. Four sets of:

6-8 Halting Front Squats @ 32X1

Rest 2-3 minutes

*If you have knee injuries please consult with the Coach on duty.


B. AMRAP 7 minutes of:

5 Handstand Push-Ups

10 Sit-Ups

15 Squats


Thursday, Nov. 20


In teams of three, with only one teammate per station, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 30 minutes of:

Station 1:

10 Box Jumps

5 Pull-Ups

Station 2:

10 Burpees

5 DB Thrusters

Station 3:

300 Meter Run w/Med Ball

Teammates can only rotate after the running partner returns. Record total rounds and reps per station.


Friday, Nov. 21

 A. Five sets of:

Clean and Jerk x 1.1.1

(rest 7-10 seconds between singles)

Don’t worry about weight, concentrate on great mechanics!!

Rest 2 minutes


B. In teams of 2 or 3, alternate to complete 10 sets each of:

3 Ground to Overhead (135/95, 125/85, 115/75…)

3 Burpee Pull-Ups



Saturday, Nov. 22


Weekend Task & Homework:

Dar la vuelta completa al Parque Omar, comenzando del lado derecho. Tomar el tiempo exacto usando los marcadores del parque. Traigan sus tiempos el lunes.


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