Box Programming for April 11-16, 2016 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Box Programming for April 11-16, 2016

Box Programming for April 11-16, 2016

Box Programming for April 11-16, 2016

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FOTB-2016 Saturday, May 21 – the proving grounds of PTY’s bravest. Categories: RX, Sc, Teens. Register at Front Desk/send email to

Monday, April 11

A. Strength

Front Squat: 5 Sets x 1 Reps @ 90%

Front Rack Reverse Lunges (from the rack): 3 Sets x 6 Reps (3 E/L!!) @ 60% of FS-1RM.

B.FOR TIME! 3km Row

Tuesday, April 12

A. Monkey Warm-Up

2×16 Monkey Hang Toe Taps (opposite foot)

Alternated with

2 x ME Unbroken T2B


3 x 1:00m Weighted Plank Hold

B. AMRAP 12 min.

10 Box Jumps

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

30 Double-Unders

Wednesday, April 13

A. Deadlift: 3 Sets x 5 Reps @ 80%, then 3 Sets x 1 Rep @ 90%

B. “Jeremy”


Overhead Squats (95/65)

Burpees (must jump onto 45 lb plate, no extension needed just touch plate with both feet same time)

Thursday, April 14

A. Push Press: 5×5 @ 75%

B. 2 Rounds For Time:

20 Pull-Ups

30 Push-Ups

40 Sit-Ups

50 Air Squats

Friday, April 15

FOTB 2016 OPEN WODs for the next few weeks you will be performing once a week, as part of regular programming, an FOTB “Open” WOD for purposes of categorizing competitors adequately (Rx/Sc). All competitors MUST do the workout AS PRESCRIBED even if that means not being able to score at all. If this is your case, you will perform a scaled version of the workout after your attempt. Your score for the leaderboard will be the one for the workout done as prescribed. You must perform your WOD with a CrossFit PTY Coach or judge  appointed by a Coach. This will not affect your results in the actual competition, this is just for categorization purposes only (and plain old CrossFit FUN).

F16.3 “Grizzly The Bear”

AMRAPS for total Reps

4 min. Max Cal Row (1 Cal = 1 Rep)

3 min. Max Reps Deadlifts (275/185)

2 min. Max Reps S2OH (155/105)

1 min. Max Reps HSPUs

Notes: total time – 10 min. AMRAPS are consecutive, no breaks in between. You must deload your DL barbell to S2OH in either the Deadlift AMRAP time frame or the S2OH AMRAP time frame. The strategy is up to you. Two barbells are not allowed. You MUST use clips or barbell collars. Your judge MUST take note of reps performed in EACH AMRAP and overall reps.

FOTB Competitors, Scaled version (AFTER your Rx attempt): Deadlift (225/155), S2OH (115/75)

Saturday, April 16

Open Box 9:00AM-12:00PM

Extra Strength Work:

Front Squat: 3 Sets x 2 Reps @ 90%

Deadlift: 2 Sets of 3 Reps @ 85% (SKIP this if you performed FOTB16.3 and feel taxed)

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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