Box Programming for Apr. 10-15, 2017 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Box Programming for Apr. 10-15, 2017

Box Programming for Apr. 10-15, 2017

Box Programming for Apr. 10-15, 2017

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“Fear is the path to the dark side.” – YODA

Fittest Of The Box 2017 is scheduled for Sunday, May 21. Box will be closed Monday, May 22. Registration starts now, just get your name on that list (details on categories/fundraiser soon) $15.00 at Front Desk and/or email


As usual we will have our Rx and Sc categories. However, this year we are pleased to announce that we will have a “Masters” 40+ Category for the first time. The age division has been carefully thought out by analyzing our current athlete population. This does not mean that we will do the same thing every year. Take into consideration that if you are over 40 you DO NOT HAVE to compete in Masters, this is completely up to you. You may choose to go Rx. Please take into account also that you may only compete in ONE category. Meaning that if you are over 40 and CHOOSE to go Rx, that will not make you a qualifier for a Masters podium. You must choose one and perform the WODs as prescribed in that category.


Monday, Apr. 10

Back Squat

10 reps @ 73-75%

7 reps @ 78-80%

5 reps @ 83-85%

Add +5 lbs. women, +10 lbs. men and try to repeat set of 5 reps.

*Rest exactly 1:30 between sets

Partner Run WOD-AMRAP – 20min.

Alternate 400m Runs, all out. Keep track of your splits. Strive to get 5 runs each for women and 6 runs each for men.

Tuesday, Apr. 11

Strict Tempo Chin-Ups (Supine Grip): 5 x 1-5 reps

Pull up, pause 2s, take at least 3s to lower your body down.

Advanced: chest to bar, pause 2s chest to the bar.

Scaled: perform the tempo pull-ups with a band or partner.


Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)

*50 DUs

Cal Row, Bike or Ski Erg

Wednesday, Apr. 12

3 Sets:

10-20 Shoulder Taps

10 Full Box Jump-Overs (you may not jump onto the box, you must jump completely over – test different heights. No lateral jumping, must be box-facing jumps).

10 Chest 2 Bar Ring or Body Rows

AMRAP – 6 min.

21 Wall Balls

14 Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups

(Scale 14/7 or Pull-Ups)

Thursday, Apr. 13

SEMANA SANTA schedule: clases normales de AM: 6 y 7. MD: 11:30 y 12:30. Open box hasta las 3:30, cerramos puntualmente a esta hora.

DEADLIFT 6×3 @ 80%

No touch and go allowed. Set up, regrip & brace after each rep.  

X3 Sets

500m Row

30 Steps DB OH Walking Lunge (35/20)

10/15 Kipping HSPUs (Scale with 10 Push Press 55/75)

Rest 3min. between rounds.

$-Out: X3 Sets, alternating

ME L-Sit Hold (or accumulate 30s if you cannot hold longer than 10s)

1:00 min. Weighted Plank Hold

Friday,  Apr. 14

SEMANA SANTA schedule: Open Box 10AM-1:00PM. Cerramos puntualmente a las 1:00PM, por favor organizarse de acorde (llegar a más tardar 12:15PM).

Saturday, Apr. 15

HORARIO NORMAL: Open Box 9:00AM-12:00PM

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