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Blog – Wednesday March 27

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Blog – Wednesday March 27

Blog – Wednesday March 27

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Recovery Food de los Elite
By: Ani Whizz

Cada atleta tiene su favorito post-WOD recovery drink o snack. Una tendencia reciente en la comunidad de CrossFit ha sido tomar leche de chocolate después del WOD. Aquí unos ejemplos de recovery food de algunos Elite CrossFitters:

Miranda Oldroyd drinks a 20 oz chocolate milk within 10-15 minutes after her WOD.
Matt Chan recommends a fast digesting protein such as eggs and carbs such as fruits and berries.
Chris Spealler eats Progenex, which is a brand of supplements in the form of a protein shake.
Greg Amundson eats a regular zone proportion meal
Mike Giardina eats a 2 block protein shake made withProgenex and coconut milk, with coconut water added after metcons.
Nadia Shatila eats a slightly carb heavy meal of sweet potatoes, chicken, and fat.
Josh Everett eats sweet potatoes and chicken breast.

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