Blog – Wednesday April 10 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Blog – Wednesday April 10

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Blog – Wednesday April 10

Blog – Wednesday April 10

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Ani Whizz’s Paleo Experience Part 2: Tambarria! My First Cheat
By: Ani Whizz

Holy cow. (pun intended J) So after a lifetime of feasting on gluten, it turns out, ladies and gentlemen, that I may not be the iron-gutted, all-you-can-stuff culinary warrior I thought I was. So this is the story of my great cheat in my 30 day Paleo challenge. It was my niece’s 1st birthday party. At first, I kept my cool. I stuck to all the valid finger foods, ditched the sangria, stayed AFAAP from the dessert table. As time passed, my will weakened as everyone surrounding me reeked of wheat byproducts. Along came the birthday cake: rectangle, smooth pink fondant… Chocolate… with Dulce de Leche center. Not my go-to type of cake at all actually even though I’m a die-hard for chocolate in all other forms. As long as we are talking about cake, I’m a huge fan of the bizcocho de vainilla/manjar combo by the way. ANYHOW, it didn’t matter what the damn cake was, I wanted sugar. The birthday song, the blowing, the wish, the pictures, and then I declare to my sister I was going to “help” by cutting the cake and serving it. Ha! So I’m slicing, serving, and then it starts. A tiny piece to start, that crumbled off a piece. Then again, again, and again until finally y I just sat and had literally about 1/3 of the cake. Great.

I was OK, at first, then an hour later I started feeling pretty crappy so I went home. I wasn’t thinking at the moment it was the cake, though, because my stomach was fine. I just had a headache and felt super tired. Got home, bathed, chilled out, hit the sack. Then… dreams, terrible dreams, of lying on a boat, nauseating motions, motions… motion sickness. Oh, oh. I wake up panicked and drowning in my own sweat and nausea. I run to the bathroom, I try to throw up to no avail! The muscles in my throat actually cramped up (Adriana said that can be product of a gluten allergy)!! I clutched my tummy, balled up in the fetal position and started crying. That bad. I got a flashback of when I was child and I got these terrible tummy aches and had to tell my mom I couldn’t go to school and she would yell at me about crap I had eaten the night before, a couple of those time having been the infamous chocolate cake (hmmmmm….). Im not to sure if that tambarria was due to the actual cake or to the massive quantity of cake I had. I have recently had a massive chocolate binge and have not had that same result as cake day which l makes me think it actually may have had to do with the gluten in the flour rather than the excess of sugar. It’s hard to believe, but it really takes depriving yourself from the stuff to realize your body doesn’t like it. That was a straightforward way to find out J

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