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Blog – Tuesday July 16

Blog – Tuesday July 16

Blog – Tuesday July 16

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Active Recovery, Part 1. Intro
By Ani Whizz

We train super hard most of the week so when our “rest” days come along, they are very necessary and very welcome. However,keeping active every day is what keeps us young and supple, folks. The key to staying in prime shape is movement.Athletes and exercisers have to program their training/rest days according work, training goals, competition, the universe, etc. Most competitive coaches program for three days “on” (Mon, Tues, Wed), fourth day “off” (Thurs), two days “on” (Fri, Sat) and finally Sunday “off.” A lot of our clients prefer or have to go with five days on (Mon-Fri) and the weekends off. If this is your case, you should be aware that after training intensely for 3 days in a row, by Thursday it would be normal to be feeling quite tired…so don’t get down on yourself if you’re not crushing the WOD that day. Back to Recovery… so while it is super important to give your muscles a break so they can repair and grow, “rest” days should not be an excuse to lie around all day in bed or sit endless hours on a computer. One of your rest days, if not both should be used as an “active recovery” day. What I mean by this is to do/perform low-intensity, sub-maximal activities such as walking, rowing, swimming, mobility, stretching, core work that will facilitate lactate and metabolic waste removal by maintaining blood flow in muscles during recovery. In plain English, move! It doesn’t have to take long, just spend a few minutes mobilizing tight spots or just plain range of motion exercises. Your body will thank you for it and you will be in much better shape for reassuming training the next day. Nobody likes to wake up cold and tight and hit the box, so keep yourself supple! More on this topic in coming blogs!!!

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