Blog – Thursday September 26 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Blog – Thursday September 26

Blog – Thursday September 26

Blog – Thursday September 26

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by: Ani Whizz

Recently I have had a lot of clients ask me what they can do in hotel gyms. Usually they will have a good set of dumbbells and we all know the possibilities are endless with those!! More on that on another post. However there is one piece of machinery that never fails to appear in a hotel gym. Oh yes, the faithful treadmill. So here is something super fun to try, it is one of my personal favorites!

Jump on that mill and warm-up by walking at first then gradually start building up the incline and the speed until you are pretty much running uphill. OK, brace yourself to the handlebars and jump off, on foot on each side of the treadmill.

Look at the timer and perform a classic Tabata. Jump on max effort for 20s then jump off (hold on tight!!) for 10s, repeat 8 rounds. Awesome. You might want to practice the jump on/jump off thing a few times first to get used to it but once you get it, super fun!

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