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Blog – Thursday September 19

Blog – Thursday September 19

Blog – Thursday September 19

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Active Recovery, Part 3: Heat Up First
by: Ani Whizz

Mobility drills are awesome for active recovery days, however they can be a little rough or painful (and possibly injurious) if we start them cold and wound up from the previous day’s slaughter. J From my experience with myself and with clients, I have found that the drills are much more effective if you take some time to heat up first. Warming up (gently!) increases your circulation and body temperature making it easier for those muscles and joints to go through the ranges of motion required.

Speaking of ranges of motion, it is always a good idea to start off with all those joint circles (DROMs) and then heat up.

Suggestions in the box: after your DROMS, row or bike at a soft pace, perform some sets of Hollow Rocks, sit for a few minutes relaxing in the bottom of a squat (third world style), whatever it takes that is gentle and will slowly warm you up. Then get a band and a ball and hit those mob drills!

Remember the posters in the back of the box! On the next part, I will write about how to choose/prioritize these drills.

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