Blog – Thursday August 1 - Reebok CrossFit PTY
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Blog – Thursday August 1

Blog – Thursday August 1

Blog – Thursday August 1

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Travel & Train
By Ani Whizz

Don’t let traveling (for work OR leisure) take your game down! Keep moving, always. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with: They post a new traveling WOD every day, so no excuses!

For example, check out this super core blaster that you can do anywhere: 2 Rounds for time of 100 Hollow Rocks, 100 Supermans (or Arch Rocks), 3 minute handstand holds. And if you want to send your heart rate through the roof, be very tough on keeping your max count and do a Tabata (20/10-8rounds) of Burpees.

TIP: the key to maintaining intensity in a lot of these traveling WODs is to set a goal for yourself in terms of reps and/or time before you start so it becomes a “you versus you” game. For example, in tabata Burpees you should try to maintain your goal of 10 reps in every round. Another example, in the Hollow Rocks, try to go for two sets of 50 unbroken.

Here is a cool pic:

cool pic_blog pty

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