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Blog – Monday February 25

Blog – Monday February 25

Blog – Monday February 25

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Ani Whizz’s Paleo Experience Part 1: 10 Day Carb Flu

After 2 years of working with the best Paleo couple (the Primal Pattons, of course!) I finally decided it was time to pony up and go the caveman way – for real this time. After an end of the year vacation filled with carb-ridden rampages of epic proportions (think fudge, burgers, and fries EMOM for 12 days of Xmas) I decided to call it quits and start 2013 with a classic 30 day Paleo Challenge. What I was really not ready for, though, was the initial 10 day sugar detox involved in this particular paleo scheme chosen by my paleo partner (BTW, having someone to do this together with is pretty awesome if you’re a newbie!!). This is 10 days of no sugar. Nada! I’m not gonna to lie, it was heinous. No yukita, no platanito, no sweet potato to
soothe my sugar loving soul. Almost intstantly (the second day) I felt lethargic and like my brain was foggy. I just couldn’t think as fast and kept on repeating that I had “bubble brain.” During WODs I felt like I was literally drowning. Add to that terrible mood swings and you are looking at a downright disaster. At one point of absolute despair Adriana recommended a teaspoon of almond butter (might have had a tad more than that…) or coconut milk. It kinda helped, but I was wreck. ANYHOW, on the positive side, however, is that after you do this 10 day things there is this glistening rainbow on the other side and everything that has even the slightest hint of a carb tastes like candy. Now that is an amazing feeling when you realize how actually sweet everything you are eating is. You don’t understand that until you totally take sugar out of your diet. It was totally worth it. To feel absolute glory eating post-WOD sweet potato mash, wow, justified all the bad times. I had an apple and just could not believe that I wasn’t eating a Jolly Rancher. Lesson here is that there is a natural sweetness in most things we eat but we don’t process that because our palates have been so conditioned and desensitized by the excess of sugar in most of the things we consume. Now the idea of people dumping sugar in their coffee seems like absolute lunacy now. Imagine that. So it’s not only about the diet thing here for me now, it’s about appreciating the essence of the food we eat. I love the fact that eating a frozen banana can taste better than ice cream. For all of you who are giving this a shot, here is a helpful blog post that talks about the heinous carb flu.

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