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26 Jun 2016


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THE PTY LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE: Observable, Measurable and Repeatable

  • WHAT: a six week lifestyle challenge that aims to make positive changes and reinforce healthy habits in regards to nutrition, performance, recovery, and mindfulness within CrossFit PTY’s Community.
  • WHEN: sign-up and introductory workshop will be held on Saturday, July 30. The Challenge will officially start on Monday, August 1 and run to Saturday, September 10th. On July 30th, come prepared to stay a while for registration, measurements & pictures, introductory lecture and… Benchmarks!!!
  • WHY: because you are what you eat… and how you train… and how you rest… and what you think… and how you act. It’s about time to get it together… and all together.
  • HOW: we will establish baseline data and parameters to accumulate points across 6 weeks. We will establish strict nutritional and exercise guidelines. After 6 weeks, we will evaluate the impact of the challenge by reassessing data. There will be prizes at the end of the challenge based upon the best results according to parameters of the challenge.
  • COST: $30.00 this will include inscription to the 6 week PTY Lifestyle Challenge and a chance to win a variety of prizes and rewards for your hard work; participation in a closed group setting and exclusive access to resources (information, recipes, etc.); 3-4 Theoretical/Practical Workshops; a printed booklet containing key guidelines to ensure the success of your lifestyle change; measurements, monitoring, and data control.

We will be under the guidance and watchful eye of our very talented María Virginia González, PTY’s very own Health Coach and supporting staff.