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HELLO COMMUNITY! We are on a transition week of programming. As you know, this week is always fun. The funnest thing about this one is that it will be true to CrossFit spirit and we will not be posting the WODs :) You will just walk in and find out what there is right then and there. From next week on to the end of the year we will be working on a short cycle. The OPEN PREP cycle will officially start on Monday, January 8th after all the holiday craziness is over. We bid you good WODs!

T.B.A. programming by: 

  • Monday: Ani + Alfredo
  • Tuesday: Alvaro + Nicole
  • Wednesday: Emily + Manuel
  • Thursday: Felix + Naomi
  • Friday: Evan + Armando
26 Oct 2017


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WOD 1: “Vamoose” (Vamos)

AMRAP 7 min.

Male: Thrusters (85)

Female: Front Squats (85)

*100m Run: one team member runs 100 m while the other two teammates inside take turns at the barbell as desired (only one works at a time). Team members must switch off every time teammate comes back from 100m run (though either partner may perform the next run). BARBELL MAY NOT TOUCH THE GROUND. If the team drops the bar there will be a 10 rep penalty for every minute gone by on the timer (Example: if team drops the bar at minute 3:47 that is -40 reps). There is no minimum work requirement in terms of Front Squat/Thruster repetitions. This means that a team member may only work as a rest station for the barbell and run. All Open Standards apply for Front Squats/Thrusters.

WOD 2: “Saddle Up”

Max Total Deadlift

*7 minutes for each team member to find a 1RM Deadlift. Score is the sum of each team member’s maximal weight successfully lifted (under all standards). A 45lb barbell will be used. Teammates may lift in any order they want and make as many attempts within the timeframe as needed…HOWEVER, once weight is added to the bar it may NOT be removed. So be careful!!

WOD 3: “High Noon Showdown”

800m Team Plate Lasso Run For Time

95 Box Jump-Overs (24/20 -flip box)

135 Plate Burpees

TIME CAP: 20min.

*800m TPL Run is For Time and individually scored.

This is a Chipper, must be done in order.

You may distribute reps as desired between teammates.

There is no Minimum Work Requirement as long as all team members perform one rep of each movement. The entire team runs together and must stay within the Lasso. They may switch plate around as desired. Time for run will be taken when Plate-Lasso is placed in corresponding station. All normal Open Standards apply to Box Jump-Overs and Burpees. Remember that in all jumps (onto the box and onto the plate) must be with both feet at the same time (two-foot take-off).

20 Sep 2013

Clase de 9am Temporalmente Cerrada

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Estimado Community:

La clase de las 9am de Lunes aViernes se suspenderá temporalmente.


El resto del horario continua igual, y los sabados seguimos de 9am-12md.

Nombre del Evento: Regatas Panamá Isthmus Challenge 2013

Fecha: Sábado 14 de septiembre

Where: Hotel Punta Chame Villas

Entry fee: 10.00 (rifa de premios, uso de instalaciones, participación en eventos)


7:30-9:30 am Paddle Race (queremos estar ahi antes de las 9:30 para verlos cruzar el finish line)

10:30-11:30 am CFPTY Community Wod and spectator WOD put on by the CFPTY Crew and Community

12:00 md begins Complimentary Crash Course on Stand Up Paddle for CrossFit PTY Community.

(desde hoy abra una lista en el box para que se anoten para poder recibir el stand up paddle crash course, Si alguien quiere llevar a un amigo o familiar non-member adicional tendrían que pagar 10$ para esto (costo original 45$))

12:00 md – 7 pm spectator WODs/challenge y en el resto del area va a haber Beach Volleyball, Dodgeball, Pilates, Musica en vivo, enjoy pool, etc


Recuerden anotarse para que nosotros sepamos cuantos de ustedes van a a ir a hacer el wod, y para avisar cuantos quieren aprender a stand up paddle.

09 Sep 2013

CrossFit L1 Seminar en Panama

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Para los que no pudieron reservar su cupo a tiempo…tranquilos, ya pedimos otro para muy pronto. Les avisaremos. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es suscribirte a nuestro newsletter desde nuestro website para que te enteres enseguida.
Para los que viene de fuera del pais, aqui le damos informacion de 3 hoteles cercanos y caminando:

1) El Sheraton queda como a 10 minutos caminando, es un hotel grande, precio medio/alto.
2) Tenemos tambien el Marriot Courtyard Multiplaza que queda como a 5 minutos caminando y queda pegado a un buen centro comercial con bastantes opciones de comida e inclusive discotecas.

3) Tambien, tenemos el hostal Casa Real que queda a 3 propiedades de la nuestra.  En este hostal se han hospedado camarografos de HQ, Jeff Martone cuando vino a dar el KB Cert, y todas las visitas que hemos tenido. Todos han comentado una muy buena experiencia.

Estamos en un area muy centrica de la ciudad, no se necesita carro para multiples opciones de comida de todos los presupuestos, y tenemos un centro comercial al lado en caso de querer llevar alguito para atras. Los esperamos!


Finalmente te traemos un L1 Cert en nuestro pais,
Reebok CrossFit PTY is hosting a CrossFit Level 1 SeminarFechas: Sabado 7 y Domingo 8 de Diciembre de 2013
(yes, dia de la madre, pero el lunes 9 es libre)

Todos los details en la pagina de Registro. La pagina es:

Pueden separar su cupo con credit card con $250.00, y pagar los restante $750.00 6 semanas antes de la fecha.

En Reebok CrossFit PTY no tenemos manera de separar cupos, ni de recibir dinero para esto, ni nada al respecto. Todo es mediante el link above, we only host. En recepcion tampoco saben nada de nada about this ni los coaches tampoco. Toda la informacion está en el link.

So, si querias do your Level 1 to become even more inspired about your lifestyle, now is your time!





“CrossFit is a Strength Sport that requires Endurance, not an Endurance Sport that requires Strength”


The Ultimate Athlete Seminar series is a no holds barred hands on learning experience. Coach Rick Scarpulla has developed the most dynamic training program available geared directly toward athletes and athletic performance. Not just strength athletes but all athletes. There is simply no other program or seminar comparable to The Ultimate Athlete Seminars. This is the one everyone is talking about.

Coach Scarpulla will take you through some of the key points to speed and strength training methods currently used by today’s top athletes. You will learn about proper bio-mechanics and primary muscle function. You will not only learn how the body is meant to function but why you fail at certain points during a selected exercise, Learn the secret keys on how your own individual genetics contribute to or diminish how you develop as an athlete and why. In addition you will learn how to understand the proper arrangement of the Ultimate Athlete Program and how to maximize it for CrossFit.

Set for all level athletes from novice thru the top pros. It will also cover how to individualize the program to fit and perform for your needs and experience level. Coach Scarpulla “makes the program fit the athlete – not the athlete fit the program”.

Coach will cover how to approach and achieve a proper mental mindset and how to stay in the zone. Understanding your mental training rhythm is a key factor to continuing gains. The methods and training secrets being taught are the same Coach Scarpulla is teaching and using at West Point and top Sport Training Camps.

Along with currently being in his 10th year as Head Coach of Army Powerlifting at West Point and running The Ultimate Advantage Training Center in N.Y. He is also working with top athletes around the World and instructing some of today’s top coaches, Coach Scarpulla is the only Certified Westside Barbell Coach and Nike/SPARQ Certified Coach currently in the U.S.A. He is recognized by many as one of today’s top Athletic Performance Coaches and an innovator in the training field.

This will change the way you approach and think about training and CrossFit. This is the real way the top athletes in the game today are training. No smoke and mirrors no glorified aerobics program. This is an in your face no holds barred intense training program and you will make gains like never before. Learn how to set up your programming to address your real needs.

This is a rare one time chance to learn from one of the nation’s best! This is the most informative seminar you will ever attend. This is the one everyone is raving about! Spots are limited and once they’re gone they’re gone! Sign up now, Don’t get left behind!!!


Sabado 12 y Domingo 13 de Octubre – Reebok CrossFit PTY

Antes del 31 de Julio de 2013 – $325

el 1 de Agosto de 2013 o después – $360 (si es que quedan cupos)

20 Jun 2013

Cambios en clase "Fundamentals"

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Los siguientes cambios entran en efecto empezando con las clases de Fundamentals del Lunes 24 de Junio de 2013.

1) Por el momento la clase PM de Fundamentals pasa a las 7:30pm

2) Para tu cupo del Fundamentals de las 7am TIENES que pasar a cancelar a mas tardar el Sabado anterior a las 12md. Grupo PM just show up Monday at 7:10pm

3) TIENES que empezar Fundamentals los Lunes, no Martes, y mucho menos Miercoles! Estas empezando un nuevo estilo de vida y nuestro compromiso es que logres tus metas…can’t make it on Mondays then most probably no lograras mucho and you will quit soon. Let us know when you are really ready y de seguro lo lograrás, but only then!



  • No hay Fundamentals la semana del Lunes 3 de Mayo.
  • El Fundamentals correspondiente a la semana del 12 de Junio comienza el Martes 13 de Junio.

Regular Classes:

  • Medio dia tendremos clases regulares de 1 hora @ 11:30am y 12:30pm. No Wendler at 11, or extra competitors half hour until 1 durante estas dos semanas.
  • Estamos cerrados el Sabado 8 de Junio. Deberias estar pegado al Facebook y Twitter anyways rooting for Alvarito and our CrossFit PTY Team (Ani, Nicole, Henter, Leah Souza, Evan, Alfaro, Chavez, y Martin).
  • Todo lo demas permanece igual.

Sigue la acción del 7, 8, y 9 de Junio en Guayaquil mediante:
@CFGLatAmRegion en Twitter


Querido CrossFit PTY Community:

Empecemos con el abrazo!!!

Muchisimas Gracias a todos los que se inscribieron para competir, todos los que vinieron a ayudar, y todos los que vinieron a apoyar.

Nos llena de orgullo poder vivir este Community que sin ustedes no existiera. No se nos ocurre una manera mas divertida de pasar un Domingo. Nos quedamos sin palabras con la cantidad de inscritos, y el ambiente: good vibes, friendship y overall fun que vimos ayer. Es algo que we would like to repeat many many times!

We will keep doing events, ya sea con competition o sin competition, individuals o teams, whatever, just more of it!!

You guys all rock!!!

Results del 2103 Fittest of the Box Competition:


1. Beatriz Franco
2. Andrea del Busto
1. Héctor Fernández
2. Darío Quintero
3. Rodrigo Carles
1. Alexandra Ortega
2. Adriana Herrera
3. Mayra Vidaurre
1. Agustín Escudé
2. Jerry Hidalgo
3. Joseph Fallas
1. Mica Huerta
2. Lea Sousa
3. Zeyla Montero
1. Luis Freile
2. Alvaro Alfaro
3. José “Pepi” Hernández
(Tons of pictures in our Facebook page and more to be released soon)

Este Sabado 27 de Abril y el Lunes 29 de Abril estaremos CERRADOS


Por 2 motivos:

1) Long weekend, el lunes es Feriado

2) Estaremos chorriando un nuevo piso de concreto.

(ni modo, demasiado deadlifts = crateres)


Nos vemos este Viernes 26 en horario regular, y luego el Martes 30 a las 6am like always!!